The essential DVD for giving your pup the best possible start in life

Well Balanced Pup has released their DVD “Well Balanced Pup” which focuses on the ways responsible breeders build strong foundations for the future of their dogs, with care and attention in these early weeks. It also highlights why potential puppy owners should avoid getting their pup from a puppy farm. Professor Sheila Crispin FRCVS has been contributing to the production as Veterinary Advisor.

Using stunning footage of puppies from birth to 8 weeks in their Lakeland home, Sue Jones looks at breeding and early nurturing for good health and temperament. She gives tips on how to use fun and achievable socialisation techniques to create positive experiences in a puppy's early life.

“Over the years I have re-homed many rescued dogs that have been put on the scrap heap through no fault of their own. In many cases things have gone wrong for the dog before they are 8 weeks old.

This has made me look more carefully at basic breeding practice and rearing of puppies. All dogs deserve a good start in life, a well balanced dog needs a great start.

I want to share some of my experiences of breeding and rearing and I hope it will help give more dogs a chance to start life as well balanced pups.” Sue Jones

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